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2263 German Proverbs

1. "Age before beauty," said the devil as he threw his grandmother off' the stairs.

2. "All freight lightens," said the skipper, when he threw his wife overboard.

3. "An egg is an egg," said the beadle, but he took the goose-egg.

4. "Away with you, be a peddlar, a knave," says the hangman to his man.

5. "But" is a fence over which few leap.

6. "Force me, and I shall commit no sin," said the girl.

7. "Great cry and little wool," said the fool, when he sheared a pig.

8. "Had I known" is a poor man.

9. "I have had" is a poor man.

10. "I have" is a better bird than "If I had."

11. "I will not bite any dog," says the shepherd's dog, "for I must save my teeth for the wolf."

12. "If I rest, I rust," says the key.

13. "If you have no money, turn placeman!" as the court fool said to his sovereign.

14. "Like will to like," as the devil said to the coal-burner.

15. "Must" is a bitter herb.

16. "O what we must suffer for the sake of God's church!" said the abbot, when the roast fowl burned his fingers.

17. "Red is Love's colour," said the wooer to his foxy charmer.

18. "Success to you! God speed the craft!" as the hangman said to the judge.

19. "With all my heart!" says the boor, when he must.

20. "With great pleasure," says the boor, when he must.

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