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German Proverb: "Folks say there is a lack of four sorts of people on earth: of priests, else one would not have six or seven benefices; of gentleman, else every boor would not want to be a squire; of whores, else married women and nuns would not carry on the trade; of Jews, else Christians would not practise usury."

German Proverbs

German Proverbs about:

Benefices BeneficesBoor BoorCarry CarryChristians Christians
Earth EarthEvery EveryFolks FolksFour Four
Gentleman GentlemanJews JewsLack LackMarried Married
Nuns NunsPeople PeoplePractise PractisePriests Priests
Seven SevenSorts SortsSquire SquireTrade Trade
Usury UsuryWant WantWhores WhoresWomen Women